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Powerless Gets Rave Reviews!

Now that 'Powerless' has officially been complete and we're awaiting our first festival selection, it was also time to get some reviews and we have had some absolutely fantastic ones.

A big thank you to UK Film Review, Midlands Movies and Moosecat Creative for their insightful reviews into our "powerful" film.


Our first review came in from Sam Kurd at Midlands Movies.

It's the story of Clara (Katie-Marie Carter), a young boxer who's preparing for a big fight while trying to keep her brother Dan (Ellis Hollins) out of trouble. Their mother died two years ago and as the older sibling Clara is trying to look after Dan as best she can – but it's not easy as he's a boisterous lad and he runs with a rough crowd. She's not best pleased when he calls up late to dinner on the anniversary of their mother's death, but when the police turn up things take a turn for the tragic.

Read the rest here.

Our second review came in from Andrew Godfrey at Moosecat Creative.

It can be hard to express the feeling of grief, even more so to articulate the emotions we feel in the aftermath of losing a loved one. Anger, depression, loneliness, these are key themes that are brought to the surface in Nicole Pott’s new short film Powerless.
Sonder Pictures latest short brings Pott’s vision of a grief-stricken family, brother and sister, who are each processing the loss of their mother in different ways. Clara (Katie Marie-Carter) has assumed the role of mum, from nagging about washing to making sure Dan (Ellis Hollins) is back in time for tea. Aside from taking on parental responsibility for her brother, a passion for boxing has provided a vice to process her anger and sadness. Dan, on the other hand, has fallen into the wrong crowd and the world of drugs and petty crime.

Read the rest here.

Finally, our biggest review yet, a WHOPPING 5 Star review from Darren Tilby at UK Film Review!

Powerless is quite an ironic title for a film which contains such powerful championing of both youth services and the human spirit. Here, writer/director Nicole Pott, who also directed the excellent short film, Kaleidoscope, weaves together a poignant story of hope born out of tragedy, and of perseverance wrought from despair.

Read the rest here.

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