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I am an emerging director, working on a variety of films, including those written by other writers. Over the last few years, I have been successful at directing various short films, including 'Kaleidoscope', which was selected at a variety of festivals across the world, including Oaxaca Film Festival, Detroit SheTown Film Festival, British Independent Film Festival and Harrogate Film Festival. It was also selected at Film The House, and I was the only female director to be nominated for the Directors UK Best Director Over 19 award.

In 2019, I directed two short films 'Powerless', which I also wrote, and 'Asphyxiate', which I was approached to direct. Both these films were completed in early 2020 and received five star reviews from UK Film Review. 'Powerless' recently won Best Short Film at Romford Film Festival. My short film 'Alice' has been selected and funded by Genera Films this year.

I have been developing various feature films and, finally, during lockdown took the time to develop what I always hoped to be my debut feature 'Obsession'. Since April, I have attached a producer, talent and was selected to pitch at the UK Online Pitchbox as part of Filmarket Hub.

I am also the festival director of High Peak Independent Film Festival and Manchester International Women's Film Festival, which has been a great opportunity to delve into the world of programming and events.

CONTACT: nicole@sonderpictures.co.uk | +44(0)7875 542707 

Manchester based, but will work across the world.

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